CX Day Needs YOU

Every year in early October, the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) stage one day dedicated to celebrating Customer Experience – globally.  This year, it’s happening on October 1st.

On CX Day last year, there were 3.2m social media impressions, 423 webinar views, over 10,000 social media interactions, with 918 local event participants and 24 live events held at cities across the globe – by any standards it’s not small event. It provides many opportunities for companies and professionals to engage in customer orientated activity within a broad network of like minded individuals.

2019 is set to be bigger and better than ever before, as more and more people engage in the event.

Whether you are going along to one of the physical events taking place globally in person (from Atlanta to Zurich), participating virtually e.g. coffee chats, panel discussions, webinars; engaging with social media feeds or using some of the on demand resources; you can benefit from the wealth of resources and ensure that what you hear and see on CX Day can be applied to your real, day-to-day challenges.  


I find that CX Day provides useful blogs emphasising the practical things that companies can do to celebrate their customers, but I want to focus on what’s in it for the individual or professional, what can they get out of CX Day?

  1. You won’t be alone: At times, working in customer facing roles or Customer Experience function, you can feel like you have the weight of the world (or your customer) on your shoulders. Anyone in Customer Experience knows how solitary it can feel. Bearing ownership of the customer, whilst the silos around you carry on as normal, can be frustrating and disheartening at times.

    On CX Day, there’s the opportunity to feel part of a community of like-minded people, who know exactly how it feels to be shouldering customer responsibilities.

  2. You can share your experiences: This day, more than any other, gives you the opportunity to share and to learn from those in other industries and organisations. Make notes, lots of them and think about what you’ve heard, and how it pertains your own context or situation.

  3. You can make CX friends: A peer-to-peer social network can be invaluable to get an objective overview of your activities and what others are up to. CXPA members and your CX friends are to be treasured – not only on the day, but long afterwards.

    I find that I will leave a CX Day event (or other CXPA or CX network events) having met many new people or re-engaged with many that I’ve met before. Following up contacts after CX Day helps to ensure your network keeps on growing. That network makes it more fun and comfortable to go to events, as you begin to see familiar faces.

  4. You can have an eye on the future: One of the vital focuses of CX Day is ‘what’s new out there’, that could impact on what we all do. This is especially the case for technology and software. There are new providers to meet and case studies to hear about. These are often full of insight and thought provoking when applied to your own CX for the future.

  5. You can take it back: I find that after CX Day, I get back to my office, having met a group of interesting new people and a long, long list of ideas based on the things that I’ve heard during the day.

    It can be an invaluable (and sometimes rare) day out of the office, to reset, engage and explore ideas, new ways of looking at old problems or find new problems to solve, apply to strategy or think about quick wins for the business.

Even if you can’t be part of CX Day in person, you can certainly make the most of it virtually. I hope to see you at one of the events.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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