“How did we do today?” Actionable insight or just a score?

Are businesses ignoring the feedback we customers provide to improve the customer experience?
And find out whether you are really listening to what your customers are telling you with our short survey.

Shortly after calling my telecom's provider the inevitable text message pinged onto my phone:

“Based on your call to us today, how likely are you to recommend us to family and friends”.  Not very likely, as it happens.  Not because they didn’t resolve the issue but because it really wasn’t one of those problems that makes you go out and tell anyone how wonderful/awful it was.

But it did make me ask some questions of my own:

  • Is the low score I gave the advisor a fair reflection of his performance? Yes, probably BUT the source of the complaint was not him, nor had he been briefed on the issue and he did his best to handle it with limited knowledge.  However the scripted answers he gave bore no resemblance to the issue or my requirements.

  • Is someone actually going to look at the root cause of the issue I have raised, address it, educate staff and perhaps apologise to customers for the mistake?

  • How is the aggregated stream of feedback about the current offer going to inform the future design?

Businesses big and small are now bristling with the tools and systems to listen to customers better but are they really hearing what they are saying and building this into an improved and consistently delivered experience?  I doubt it?  Or at least not to the extent that their newly acquired insight enables them to do.

Extensive Voice of Customer programmes are being put in place – great products offering to get a good understanding of what customers are experiencing and saying about their experience, in real time. 

However, at their own admission (and those of supplying the products) many businesses are not achieving the full potential of their newly found source of knowledge because the business doesn’t know what to do with it, how to embed it in the business and improve operationally and culturally.

So next time that text message pings up on my screen, I’m going to be thinking about the people looking at my feedback and wondering whether they are really going to make the most of it.

Finally, if you work for one of those businesses trying to work out if you are just hearing the feedback from your customers rather than really listening to it, why don't you follow this link and answer 20 simple questions to work out where you stand. 


We’ll share the results and our thoughts all the results in a future article or with you directly if you provide us with your email address.