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To really improve your customer experience, fix what matters

Taking a value based approach to CX and designing customer research that can identify the value within each journey, will help provide the business with a graded shortlist of things to focus on, fix and improve. It can also use it as a framework by which to judge existing initiatives around the business that impact on the customer experience.

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In this day and age, is it unreasonable to expect companies to have an appropriate response for age old customer experience problems?

The airline industry is a highly competitive one. Technology, hand in hand with a human touch, will deliver better experiences for customers.  The challenge is in the alignment of the culture, processes, systems and capability of the organisation, with the needs of customers in a way that employees are empowered and engaged to deliver. That goes for at any point in their customer experience, but is even more of a priority in times or disruption.

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Perfect Partners? Who’s the weakest link in your connected customer experience?

Customers need their experiences to be seamless and without friction. Importantly, they also hope that any problem will be proactively owned and resolved quickly and satisfactorily by the company or organisation with whom they are interacting. 

When talking about touch points and channels, we refer most often to those within our control e.g. the call centre, email, the physical store, social media. We don’t often consider those which are delivered by another organisation for example a business partner. Companies seem only too ready to hand over responsibility for the customer to their partner. Yet some seem quick to blame them when things go wrong and act as judge and jury when their NPS scores, say, are not up to scratch.  Delegating companies often seem to want it 

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Trust is the word – building the trust of both customers and your people

Trust is earned, each day and cumulatively, through actions and the way that an organisation engages with both employees and customers. Aligning the needs and dreams of your customer with the culture and capability of your employees is key because trust develops in a multi-channel context – via whichever touch point the employee or customer interacts with. If a customer is expecting something which an employee is unable to deliver, for whatever reason, trust is lost on every level.

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