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What’s the rush – are Customer or Chief Experience Officers necessary?

Does your C-Suite champion the Customer Experience? Is your CEO committed to Customer Experience success? The protagonists in your customer experience need to be shrewdly put in place.

As is often quoted, Customer Experience is not a department; it is a culture, a mindset and a way of doing business. CEO’s need to lead from the top, instilling this philosophy whilst harnessing their employees to deliver a consistent and valuable experience for customers over the long-term.

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In the interest of customers – break down those silos

It’s all well and good jumping into customer experience improvement and acting on customer feedback, but it won’t make a fundamental difference if the organisation isn’t aligned to deliver the customer experience that’s required. Companies need to find a way of establishing why and how everyone’s role is related to the customer. Silos are not conducive to customer experience excellence or a customer centric organisation.

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How to get your business leaders to believe in customer experience

Any successful customer experience strategy is really about nailing what your customers want in a way that both your leadership love and your people can deliver. Without the genuine support of the leadership team across the organisation, it becomes very difficult to really change what the business promises its customers and how its people deliver (or don’t deliver) on those promises.

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Can Sergio Bucher transform Debenhams Customer Experience?

On Thursday last week, Debenhams' new (since October) chief executive Sergio Bucher unveiled his strategic vision for the future growth of the department store group. It focuses on making Debenhams stores a more enjoyable destination for 'social shopping'. The plans for change sound promising but Debenhams as a well recognised brand is not necessarily associated with innovation or known for its inspiring customer experience. Mr. Bucher’s ambition raises some immediate questions

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How to align your customer promise with your company culture

To be powerhouses in customer service, organisations need to explore how well positioned they are to deliver on their key customer drivers - in other words how aligned the needs and dreams of their customers are with the culture and capability of their company, now and in the future.

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