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“Pioneering Amazing Experiences” – Customer Experience lessons from first direct’s head, Joe Gordon

first direct have recognised that what set them apart for many years – their superior customer service, is not enough to stay ahead. first direct are constantly seeking to improve the basics and at the same time invest in innovation centred on the customer. Customer work, at first direct, is never done.

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A tale of two energy companies – how can customer experiences be so different?

If we were to compare the energy sector to that of aviation, Richard Branson summed it up very well: “Look, I think that when we started Virgin Atlantic 30 years ago, we had one 747 competing with the airlines that had an average of 300 planes each. Every single one of those have gone bankrupt because they didn’t have customer service. They had might, but they didn’t have customer service, so customer service is everything in the end.” What will the energy sector look like in 10, 20 or 30 years if things don’t change? 

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How to get your business leaders to believe in customer experience

Any successful customer experience strategy is really about nailing what your customers want in a way that both your leadership love and your people can deliver. Without the genuine support of the leadership team across the organisation, it becomes very difficult to really change what the business promises its customers and how its people deliver (or don’t deliver) on those promises.

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