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Perfect Partners? Who’s the weakest link in your connected customer experience?

Customers need their experiences to be seamless and without friction. Importantly, they also hope that any problem will be proactively owned and resolved quickly and satisfactorily by the company or organisation with whom they are interacting. 

When talking about touch points and channels, we refer most often to those within our control e.g. the call centre, email, the physical store, social media. We don’t often consider those which are delivered by another organisation for example a business partner. Companies seem only too ready to hand over responsibility for the customer to their partner. Yet some seem quick to blame them when things go wrong and act as judge and jury when their NPS scores, say, are not up to scratch.  Delegating companies often seem to want it 

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Call Centres – to be seen and not heard?

Customer Experience transformation requires a joined-up understanding of the end to end customer journey and the role that the call centre plays in this customer journey. Add to that, the challenge of how to align the role of technology related touchpoints and establish how humans and technology co-exist seamlessly (another subject for another day)!

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Mind the gaps – how to get more value out of customer journey mapping

When reviewing your customer mapping exercise, the first question shouldn’t be, “How can we fix this?” but rather, “How can we prevent this from happening again?” It’s this question that leads to real change and improvement to the current Customer Experience.

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What’s getting in the way of making your customer experience more consistent?

Customers want a joined up experience with a brand irrespective of the touch point or channel - but it's not happening. Why not?

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