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Call Centres – to be seen and not heard?

Customer Experience transformation requires a joined-up understanding of the end to end customer journey and the role that the call centre plays in this customer journey. Add to that, the challenge of how to align the role of technology related touchpoints and establish how humans and technology co-exist seamlessly (another subject for another day)!

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It’s about time! Asking for transactional feedback at the right moment to elicit meaningful customer insight

What I am trying to highlight is that I fear many organisations have implemented transactional customer feedback or nps programmes that aren’t delivering the insight or value that is needed. Getting the timing of the survey right is a quick fix. If all the customer’s pain points along the end to end journey are known and focused on, then expectations can be managed and promises will be kept.

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How to use NPS to improve customer experience

We all know about the carrot and stick syndrome. It's human nature to do what gets measured. If you want to get the desired results from a customer experience point view, take the target of NPS away and embed a more holistic approach to customer satisfaction insight instead. After all any NPS scores are only ever directional, pointing out the areas that, from a customer perspective, require attention.

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