It all depends on you!

Aligning organisations and experiences is what we do.

We engage with organisations in many different ways, it all depends on their need and situation - this ranges from Customer (Employee and Colleague) experience consultancy, coaching, advisory and facilitation services.

Typical client engagements:

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Customer Aligment audit®

Establishing your Customer Experience ‘Reality’ by assessing how aligned your organisation is - specifically drivers of current performance and how effective you are. We will work together to establish where to prioritise and how to optimise your CX improvement and customer maturity path.

CX I.Q.™

Discovering the ‘why’ behind nps and CX performance, ingesting all sources of customer data (structured and unstructured) into our partner, Decooda’s real-time Cognitive Discovery and AI platform to reveal what is driving your customer’s behaviour and why. This gives real evidence to get the wider business aligned around the customer.

Experience segmentation

Establishing similarities and differences of customers within your base to establish a workable segmentation based on how customer engage and experience your journey rather than a traditional ‘lookalike’ approach. We also develop personas to help bring segments to life for communication, ideation and experience personalisation.

Data/ VoC audit

Reviewing the data you have or which Voice of Customer platform (if any) you are using, how well it is meeting your business needs and how you can drive greater value.

Internal nps (iNPS)™

Assessing your internal organisation's ability to deliver the customer experience and how well outwardly facing behaviours are lined up to your customers’ needs.

CX First 90 Days

Helping new members of your team, responsible for customer experience, mapping out a plan to have an impact in their first 90 days in position.

CX Strategy Development & Brand alignment

Getting under the skin of your Customer Experience Strategy to review your CX cause, vision and customer promises in the context of the overall business imperatives.

Customer & employee Listening

Undertaking all aspects of research and insight (qual & quant; panel, primary, crowdsourced) to get under the skin or your customers and employees.

CX Benchmarking

Benchmarking relevant best practice and building this insight into opportunities that work for your brand. Includes auditing your delivered experience vs. others.



Journey Mapping & CX Baselining

We will facilitate insight driven journey mapping, establish your current customer experience baseline, internal delivery processes & pain point root causes

CX Design

We will leverage your CX Baseline and journey map to blueprint the ‘to be’ experience focusing on both fixing the basics, continuous improvement and innovation

CX Roadmap

We will help you examine how well your current and planned initiatives will improve your customer experience and close the experience gap; and prioritise efforts and resources into an achievable roadmap that is delivered by your customer governance team

Experience measurement strategy

We will appraise your overall measurement strategy holistically so that you are measuring the right things and are maximizing transactional, relationship, conversational feedback from customers