We are about Customer Experience that 'sticks'

How? We help focus on value for the customer and for the organisation and getting to the root cause of customer experience and customer journey problems. Establishing a customer centric culture is key. So is consistency of customer experience delivery.

This means taking a step back and determining the Customer Experience direction. Clearly articulating the customer experience strategy, vision and customer promise helps guide people and decision-making within the business. It forms a framework to underpin initiatives, propositions and ensures clear accountability for CX efforts.

We help clients confirm where the value is for customers across the experience and touch points to be able to fix the basics, engage employees and deliver a consistent customer experience - that's Customer Experience Execution.

This then enables companies, with the round foundations in place, to move on to differentiating and delighting customers through real Customer Experience Innovation and empowered employees.

The glue in all this? Customer insight and organisational customer alignment.

So how do we do this and what does it look like in practice? We guide organisations to find answers to key customer experience improvement questions. Each area is a standalone service that we provide or can form part of a wider customer experience design and improvement program.

What are the outcomes or benefits that organisations typically experience?

  • A clear picture of how well the organisation is 'doing' Customer Experience or CX

  • One unified Customer Experience framework with vision, strategy and promise aligned to organisational priorities and capabilities

  • An understanding and focus on what's important and of value to the customer and the business

  • Customer Experience maps clearly indicating root cause problems within the current customer experience journey

  • An indication of how to get greater return on CX investment

  • A road map for a more seamless and consistent customer experience irrespective of touch point

  • Learning from and operationalisation of customer feedback

  • Better customer experience measurement

  • Clarity over who owns the csutomer in the organisation and accountability for CX efforts

  • Less silo and territorial behaviour

  • A mechanism to allocate resource, make decisions, prioritise and measure customer experience improvement

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