transforming around the customer


'Closing the loop' and getting customer feedback via nps and Voice of Customer programmes is a starting point. This helps give visibility of where organisations need to begin 'fixing' the basics and pain points in the customer journey.

Long-term Customer Experience success will come from unifying customer, employee and organisation to ensure commitment, belief and action oriented around the customer.

Our methodology is based on what we believe to be the foundations for customer success:

1.     INTELLIGENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: having a deep and complete understanding of what your customers value most (and turning that insight into real action)

2.     AGILE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: consistently executing the right things for both customer and company to drive maximum impact

3.     CONNECTED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: building an engaged and motivated organisation, at all levels, seamlessly delivering the customer cause

How aligned are you? We help organisations understand how aligned they are and how to put the foundations in place that will move them up the Customer experience maturity curve.

The Aligned Customer Experience will make a difference.

An aligned Experience is enabled by insight, data and analytics. Indeed, leading companies are twice as likely to act based on insights and recommendations from analytics than their peers (source: e-Consultancy).