Very few are excelling at Customer Experience. As customer expectations rise, experiences are increasingly failing to deliver. 


Busy fixing problems,
not innovating

Many organisations are so focused on 'closing the loop' that they find it hard to transform the business for their Customer Experience


Data rich, insight poor



With more data generated in 2017 than in the previous 5000 years, companies are feeling unable to make intelligent data driven decisions

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He who shouts loudest, may not be the best voice

Listening to those who complain or who complete surveys based on internally generated assumptions, is not always reflective of the true customer picture. Often what customers value most, what impacts behaviour and will provide greatest insight, goes unheard or uncovered - unless you go looking for it...

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Lack of engagement




Often Customer Experience and the Customer are championed by a few, without wider company belief, commitment or engagement

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How does it 'feel' to experience?

Fixing functional elements of customer experiences to make them quicker, easy & more convenient is all well & good but the emotional experience mustn't be ignored. Emotions have the greatest link to brand loyalty.